Bridges 4-30-17

Today we wrap up our series “Bridges.” Life brings its challenges–whether it  be temptation, failure, or pride. When those in the church experience these difficult moments, the Bible tells us to “bear one another’s burdens.” In a few minutes Pastor Stan will be sharing about how we can build a bridge to each other and share the load when life gets heavy.

Bridges 4-23-17

Today we continue our series titled Bridges. In these days, being married is a challenge and we face a lot of temptations and struggles. But we know that with God’s power and direction there is hope. In a few minutes, Pastor Stan will be sharing some practical wisdom from the Bible about how to build bridges in your marriage.

Bridges 4-16-17

When it comes to experiencing the life God has in store for us, the truth is that some bridges need to be built and others need to be burned. Before you even existed, there was a plan to build one bridge that only Jesus could build. And no matter how bad you have messed up, there is a bridge back to God.