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KidzPointe Bible Reading Plan

Welcome to our KidzPointe Ministry at Franklin Heights Church! It is our desire for every child to Know God, Love the Church, Think Biblically and Point(e) to Jesus.

Know God

Above all, God wants us to know Him. Our KidzPointe Ministry is committed to helping every child know God personally. We want your child to start and continue a life-long, personal relationship with Jesus as their Savior. Here are some ways your child will be equipped to do this:

  1. Understand how to be saved
  2. Know why they need to be baptized
  3. Learn how to pray and study the Bible
  4. Grow in their knowledge of God

Love the Church

Unfortunately, the culture today does not value the church. We want to change that in the lives of the children that our children. The church is a gift from Jesus for all those that have made Him their Savior. Jesus loves the church, and so should we.

  1. Love worship and the preaching of the Word
  2. Love being a part of Biblical community
  3. Love serving the church
  4. Love giving to help advance the Kingdom

Our KidzPointe Ministry meets at the following times and locations:

Rocky Mount Campus

8:30—Nursery (birth-Kindergarten) & KidzPointe Worship (Grades 1-5)

9:45 — Connect Groups (birth to Grade 5)

11:00—Nursery (birth-Kindergarten) & KidzPointe Worship (Grades 1-5)

CrossPointe & Union Hall Campuses

10:00—Connect Groups (birth to Grade 5)

Think Biblically

Now more than ever kids need to think through a Biblical lens. In our post-truth culture we need our kids to know what the Bible says and how it applies to every aspect of life. Our KidzPointe ministry is committed to equip your children to be convinced of the truths of the Bible and be able to defend those beliefs. We achieve that by:

  1. Understanding what a Biblical worldview looks like
  2. Being trained on how to defend their faith
  3. Knowing how to evaluate culture and ideas
  4. Learing how to stand for truth no matter the opposition

Point(e) to Jesus

If we don’t produce followers of Jesus, who then lead others to do the same, we have missed the mark. KidzPointe’s primary goald is to follow the Great Commission by making disciples who make disciples. KidzPointe wans to help children live a SENT life. This is done by:

  1. Loving people who are far from Jesus
  2. Serving the needs of  those around us
  3. Sharing the good news of Jesus
  4. Going wherever God calls us to be a light to the world


Summer Events 2021

June 14-18           7:45am-4:55pm      WinShape Camp (completed K-8th Grades) at Rocky Mount Campus
June 27-30         6:00pm-8:30pm     Art & Adventure Camp at Union Hall Campus
June 30               11:00am                    Picnic With the Pastors at Rocky Mount Campus playground

July 14                 11:00am                    Picnic With the Pastors at Rocky Mount Campus playground
July 18-22           6:00pm-8:30pm     Vacation Bible School (ages 3 years-grade 6) at Rocky Mount Campus

August 8                                               Back to School Breakfast



AWANA Kids Club

We were pleased to be able to begin AWANA ministry activities on Wednesday, September 16, 2020 at the Rocky Mount Campus worship center south entrance.

The AWANA year is scheduled to go until Wednesday, May 5, 2021. A theme sheet with scheduled breaks was distributed on the first night.

Because of social distancing requirements and recommendation, Wednesday night, in-person AWANA is offered for rising Kindergartners through rising 6th graders. This will remain available as long as possible with the current health crisis. Alternatively, families can participate in in-home AWANA for all age groups for those who are unable to attend in person on Wednesday nights.

The AWANA schedule will be abbreviated from what has been done in recent years. Games will be significantly different because of social distancing requirements, and clubbers may be dropped off starting at 6:15pm and picked up at 7:30pm each Wednesday. To minimize the need for cleaning and sanitization throughout the church facility, leaders will facilitate curbside check-in and pick-up at south entrance of the main worship center.

Rules and Regulations

Materials Costs



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